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Ed and Laura Garcia

“I would like to take this time to recognize Mr. Piner and the outstanding work he is doing with our daughter Lilly.

When we adopted Lilly and her siblings, she hated doing school. So much so, that my wife and I were lost as to how we would teach her. You see, Lilly has had trouble in public school and sending her was not an option, so we decided to homeschool her and her siblings.

We tried every way we knew to get Lilly to be interested in learning, but to no avail. Enter Mr. Piner. Maybe it was because he was not the parent or what, but Lilly took to him. Mr. Piner approaches learning in a non-traditional rigid school format. He is easy going and way more patient with Lilly than we were. Lilly loves learning from him.

Lilly has learned so much from Mr. Piner that she is more ahead, academically, then her older sister and it’s all due to Mr. Piner and his teaching. What a blessing it is to have Mr. Piner in her life.

Lilly loves hands-on learning. She waits anxiously to see if he brings over a hands-on science experiment. Even during this pandemic with distance learning, Lilly enjoys and looks forward to spending time with Mr. Piner. He is a delight to our family. We just love him, and Lilly is learning so much.

Thank you for assigning Mr Piner to Lilly.