Learning Solutions

School Districts

K-12 matriculated students

ESL candidates, including immigrant populations

Special need students

It is clear that students who fall behind, stay behind without supplemental tutoring services that help rebuild confidence and strengthen core skills in reading, mathematics, language arts and English as a second language.

For 25 years, Educational Tutorial Services has worked with school districts to provide both in-person and online services to a variety of students with various learning styles and needs.

According to Springer, the US is facing a massive shortage of teachers across the country, in both rural and urban districts. Compounding this issue is the increased workload and additional reporting requirements that tax existing teachers and hamper their ability to function effectively.

Our team works directly with district professionals to offer supportive services that aid teachers by offloading some of the burden and supporting teaching objectives, and the students who need assistance to meet learning goals.

Our structured approach is reinforced by our success rates over the years.
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25 yrs

Educational Tutorial Services has worked with school districts