Who We Work With

Educational Tutorial Services targets children with the greatest academic need through our partnerships.


ETS assists more than 78,000 youth, nationwide, on an annual basis by partnering with non-profits and for-profits alike. Our partners fall into the categories of workforce programs, school districts and programs, health insurance carriers, corporations and charitable organizations.

workforce programs

Educational Tutorial Services is a qualified provider of tutoring, study skills and dropout prevention strategies for urban centers throughout the US— like Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ. We understand the requirements of Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programming, and are ready to assist.

Passing the GED is the gateway to many workforce programs. We have 26 years experience helping our partners onboard as well as structure programs designed to assist their local constituents who require assistance with GED preparation. Our success rate is outstanding, with most students going on to additional programming specific to their career pathway.

health insurance carriers

As a few of our newest partner channels, we have had tremendous success building robust and meaningful member benefits programs that provide tutoring services to subscriber family members.

In select states, we provide tutoring services for Elevance Health (formerly Anthem) and Centene members in foster care and/or Medicaid populations. Education has been proven in study after study to reduce long-term health care costs, which is why more insurance carriers are focusing benefits on preventative, rather than reactive treatment programs.

charitable organizations

Our work with various charitable organizations spans more than 26 years, from local organizations with a small footprint, to national organizations with broad human services mandates.

In addition to being a thoroughly vetted program that is suitable for youth and young adults, our approach provides an added safety net for potential participants as well as their families by collaborating with multiple agencies in their welfare. Our teachers and tutors are trained to deal with resource needs and will make referrals to other community agencies on behalf of our families. We may consult with partnering agencies or the school district on ways to best assist the student and/or family. We have many relationships with other social service and support agencies in the community and are comfortable using those relationships to assist our families.

Our goal is to work together, to help the students in our care gain the best possible outcomes, and allow your team members to focus on the other critical tasks set before them.

Because of our transparency and effectiveness, we are often requested by juvenile judges as a court order service for troubled youth in their system. ETS has been given many accolades from administrators on our ability to bring children “up to grade level” and decrease their time in special needs classes

school programs

It is clear that students who fall behind, stay behind without supplemental tutoring services that help rebuild confidence and strengthen core skills in reading, mathematics, language arts, science, social sciences, foreign language, and ESL (English as a Second Language) as well as help prepare students for the SAT and ACT.

For 25 years, Educational Tutorial Services has worked with school districts to provide both in-person and online services to a variety of students with various learning styles and needs.

According to Springer, the US is facing a massive shortage of teachers across the country, in both rural and urban districts. Compounding this issue is the increased workload and additional reporting requirements that tax existing teachers and hamper their ability to function effectively.


The potential for corporate America to do good while doing well has never been greater.

Educational Tutorial Services is ready to help your organization broaden its reach and realize its potential. We work with companies of various sizes, including Fortune 500, to develop scholarship programs for youth in foster care — giving back to society by enhancing human potential.

Similar to insurance providers, ETS has just begun its corporate benefits program to great success. If your company is looking to provide a meaningful member benefits program that will have a lasting positive impact on your employees and their families, look no further than tutoring services from ETS.