Tailored curriculum for academic success

ETS tutoring provides comprehensive educational support for students from kindergarten to college and beyond. Specializing in exam prep, homework help, and trauma-aware tutoring, we cater to diverse needs, including those of disadvantaged youth in foster care and students with disabilities. With i-Ready and IXL assessments, we deliver personalized instruction for maximum student achievement and encourage a high-dosage tutoring model, especially to address significant learning gaps.



ACT, SAT and PSAT test prep

Homework help

Supplemental tutoring in reading fluency and math

Supporting students with disabilities

Hospital bedside tutoring

Tutoring students on probation

GED tutoring

Credit recovery

Adult remedial math and literacy

Tutoring for professional licensing

Career development

Math (basic and advanced)

Science (basic and advanced)

Social sciences


Language arts

Foreign language

History/ civics



ETS contracts with i-Ready and IXL for testing as well as supplemental reading and math curriculum as they are methods grounded in research and proven to work. The i-Ready test supports educators by accurately evaluating students so tutors can provide the individualized instruction needed to help with student achievement.

What is i-Ready?

i-Ready is a combination of the i-Ready Diagnostic (i.e., i-Ready test) and an online instruction program, i-Ready Personalized Instruction. i-Ready Personalized Instruction is a research-based program for students in kindergarten through eighth grade with an individualized plan for instruction based on each student’s performance on the i-Ready Diagnostic test. Once students complete the Diagnostic, i-Ready builds a unique lesson plan with a starting point for each learner based on their individual results. i-Ready gives teachers the flexibility to add lessons or adjust the lesson sequence based on their own knowledge of their students.

How is i-Ready different from other curricula?

Personalization! i-Ready helps tutors support each student and create a path of personalized instruction for every learner. The adaptive test adjusts its questions to suit each student’s needs. Each item a student sees is individualized based on their answer to the previous question. For example, a series of correct answers will result in slightly harder questions, while a series of incorrect answers will yield slightly easier questions. Students will find the test difficult, but that is OK. The i-Ready Diagnostic gets harder until a student answers an item incorrectly and then narrows in on exactly where a student needs support. i-Ready gives feedback in real time with instant results. Interactive gaming built into the curriculum provides mental breaks for students throughout the learning process. Learn more about i-Ready.

With i-Ready We Provide

Pre- and Post-Assessments in Math and Reading

We customize our tutoring approach through comprehensive pre- and post-assessments in math and reading, ensuring precise instruction aligned with individual learning requirements.

Monthly Progress Reports

We provide monthly progress reports to track your child’s academic development, offering transparency and insight into their learning journey.

Individual Learning Plans with Short and Long Term Plans

We design individual learning plans, incorporating short and long-term objectives, to provide students with personalized strategies for academic progress and achievement.



High-dosage tutoring offers school-aged students a personalized and intensive approach to learning, leading to significant improvements in academic performance and confidence. With instruction tailored to their specific needs, students receive targeted support that helps them grasp difficult concepts and overcome academic challenges. This tailored approach not only boosts motivation and interest in learning but also closes achievement gaps, particularly among disadvantaged students. The benefits extend beyond the tutoring intervention itself, with students retaining the skills and knowledge gained over time. Additionally, high-dosage tutoring fosters the development of essential social and emotional skills, providing students with a strong foundation for long-term success both academically and personally.

Implications for Disadvantaged Youth

Students in foster care
experience frequent disruptions in placement and schooling, leading to a significant learning

According to the National
Working Group on Foster Care
and Education, 42% of children
do not begin school immediately
after entering foster care, and
less than 60% of students in
foster care finishes high school.

High-dosage tutoring in one-on-one or small group settings is an effective way to address the learning gap for foster care youth.

A review of almost 200 rigorous studies in a brief by EdResearch for Action found that high-dosage tutoring demonstrated large positive effects on both math and reading achievement in particular†.

†Educause. (2020, August). High-Dosage Tutoring Is Effective but Expensive: Ideas for Making It Work. Education Week.