Remote tutoring provides inclusive learning opportunities to all students

Amidst the pandemic, remote tutoring services have seen a sharp rise in demand as parents and caregivers seek support for their children’s education while balancing work-from-home commitments. Educational Tutorial Services offers remote learning solutions nationwide, providing flexibility and accessibility while allowing caregivers to attend to other tasks. Explore how our technology-driven approach meets the evolving needs of today’s learners.


Many parents and caregivers have sought out remote services during the pandemic that aid in their child’s learning through use of virtual platforms like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Duo and other video services. These demands have skyrocketed because parents and caregivers are finding they need additional support while they juggle teaching their children as they work from home.

Remote tutoring allows adults to be working in another room while their child is participating in tutoring sessions that are 15 minutes to 4 hrs in duration, based on the parents preference and the clients budget. While the majority of our remote tutoring occurs during a one-on-one session, ETS also facilitates group tutoring with siblings or neighbors remotely. These “learning pods” are very effective and post-test results show that many of the remote groups test higher than their individual tutoring counterparts.

With a remote structure we are experiencing less “no shows” for appointments, and are able to provide caregivers time to focus on other matters— with the exception for special needs children who require caregiver support during remote sessions. 

Students can be virtual tutoring within 24 – 48 hours of referral or reaching out!

Remote tutoring is available to students anywhere in the United States.

“Learning pods” can easily be facilitated through remote tutoring.

Advantages of remote learning

On-Demand Learning Hub


Experience a comprehensive learning platform tailored for all ages, offering instant access to a diverse array of lessons. Our team of expert tutors undergoes rigorous vetting to ensure top-notch teaching quality, providing students with unparalleled learning support. Whether you require immediate assistance or prefer self-paced learning, our platform offers instant tutoring and a wealth of resources, all conveniently accessible through a single account for the whole family.

Comprehensive Learning Support


Assess and track progress with our range of assessments and self-study resources, empowering learners to take charge of their education. Parents and caregivers can supplement tutoring sessions with pre-recorded videos, enhancing reinforcement outside the classroom. Collaborative learning is facilitated through desktop sharing, allowing for interactive engagement with homework and lessons. Embrace a hybrid learning approach, seamlessly integrating in-home tutoring with remote sessions to accommodate diverse learning needs.

Enhanced Learning Experience


Unlock the potential of co-teaching, where multiple instructors collaborate to provide diversified perspectives for optimal learning outcomes. Our platform prioritizes accessibility with tech hacks such as customizable fonts, high-contrast lighting, and video closed captioning. Personalized learning content tailored by tutors ensures targeted reinforcement, fostering a more engaging and effective educational experience.