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Unlike traditional tutoring services, ETS offers more than just academic support. For 28 years, we’ve actively participated in students’ educational journeys, providing compassionate, proficient tutoring with background-checked tutors. By serving over 127,000 youth annually across the U.S. and prioritizing partnerships with both nonprofits and for-profits, we ensure every child receives the support they deserve. Our collaborations with industry leaders like Alcoa, Centene, Elevance (Anthem), and Amerigroup reflect our commitment to academic excellence and brighter futures. With us, employees can rest assured knowing their child’s academics are taken care of, allowing them to focus and be more productive at work.

We offer services to enhance employees’ skill set and knowledge, benefiting both the employee and the company. Join us in our mission to empower students and professionals. Let’s work together to create a workforce that is skilled, loyal, and supported by versatile learning opportunities for the whole family, increasing the bottom line for your company.

of public school students began the 23/24 academic year a grade level behind in at least one subject

of public schools offering academic assistance programs

of public school teachers express concerns about getting their students to meet academic standards

Your employees’ families are struggling with academics. Since the pandemic, the learning gap continues to cause stress on parents. Assessments have shown evidence of learning loss in various subjects and grade levels, particularly in math and literacy. Addressing learning gaps requires targeted interventions, additional resources, and ongoing academic support for students, educators, and families.

NCES (National Center for Education Statistics).  “School Pulse Panel: Responses to the pandemic and efforts toward recovery”. (2022 – 2024)

For Professionals

Empower your teams, nurture talent, develop future leaders, and achieve your strategic objectives with custom education. No matter your industry, we possess the expertise and technologies to drive success for both your employees and your organization. From tailored personal development programs and specialized courses to fully customized employee licensing and degree plans, we collaborate closely with you to design a program that perfectly aligns with your organization’s unique requirements. We personalize coursework to address specific needs such as foreign language support, enhanced oral presentation skills, and refined writing abilities. Our executive coaching services focus on honing C-suite skills for employees, particularly at the executive level, ensuring success in their leadership roles.

For Families

ETS offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for children and families from K-12, ensuring academic success and growth. Our offerings include personalized homework help, providing valuable support for students to excel in their studies. Additionally, we provide specialized tutoring in reading and math, addressing individual needs and fostering improvement in core academic areas. For students preparing for standardized tests like the ACT and SAT, our programs offer targeted preparation, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to achieve their best possible scores. With ETS, families can trust in our 28 years of commitment to educational excellence and the holistic development of young learners.



Customized learning paths: each child’s unique needs and goals are considered. They are paired with a tutor who provides personalized attention and maximizes learning outcomes.

Engaging learning platforms: parents choose from a variety of technology platforms to find one that works best for their child(ren).

Progress report tracking: regular updates are provided to keep parents involved in their child’s academic journey.


“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Educational Tutorial Services to any organization looking for tutoring or supplemental educational service programs. [ETS] Succeeds in providing dedicated and highly qualified tutors to meet the needs of our agency. The tutors work diligently to build rapport, confidence, and self-esteem in the students and families with whom they work. Educational Tutorial Services has proven to be a treasured partner, and I wholeheartedly recommend this program without hesitation”

- ETS Partner