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What does ETS specialize in?

We specialize in working with children of underserved populations, specifically, children in foster care, immigrant populations, homeless populations, at-risk populations in school districts, and children with behavioral disorders, learning disorders, Autism and deafness. We serve in-patient hospital settings for bedside tutoring that is aligned with each states’ core curriculum.

Our tutors are trauma aware and certified to teach ELL (English Language Learners), ESE (Exceptional Student Education) and students who have IEP’s (Individualized Education Plans) as well as 504 Plans.

While we specialize in working with disadvantaged youth, we also have experience and successes in working with students who need homework help, highschool and college students preparing for exams and professionals who want to grow and advance their careers.

How much does tutoring cost?

If you are a parent or gaurdian seeking services for your student, please visit our pricing page. We partner with employers as well as non-profit agencies and organizations to provide services to workforces and members. Please contact us for pricing if you are an employer or non-profit agency.

What types of Foundations does ETS partner with?

We work with social service agencies, foundations for youth in foster care, foster care agencies, health care plans (VAB & employee benefit), immigrant organizations, workforce programs, and school districts. We also work with students on probation.


Does ETS only work with children?

No. We also work with college students and adults.

We commonly work with adults seeking a GED or remedial math and literacy assistance, as well as transitional- and independent-living college work. We also work with adults on career development opportunities.


How does ETS differ from other tutoring services?

Founded on working with children in foster care, we have built our business around tutoring under-served populations from low socio-economic backgrounds. In fact, 95% of our students are from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Our tutors are certified and trained to meet the dynamic and specific needs of our students. They are trained to work with disabilities like cognitive impairment, processing deficits, developmental delays and more. Our tutors are all certified by the American Tutoring Association and college educated.

How long do tutoring sessions last?

Tutoring services last between 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on the parents’ preference and the clients’ budget. 

How often do tutoring sessions occur?

Most of our students receive between 2 to 4 hours per week of tutoring. 

What subjects do ETS tutors teach?

ETS tutors teach science, history, social sciences, english, mathematics, language arts, foreign language and ESL (English as a Second Language). They also teach advanced science and math courses.

Tutors help to prepare young adult and adult students for the ACT/ SAT and GED as well as remedial literacy and math assistance.

For school-aged students, tutors utilize their supplemental reading and math curriculum in the summer and/or when all homework is complete during the school year and time is remaining in the sessions.

How does your program work?

If you are a parent or guardian seeking tutoring services for your student, simply purchase a tutoring package and we will be in contact within 24 hours. Please contact us with questions.

For employers and non-profit agencies: the agency, health plan, school, etc. determine what grade-levels qualify for services and how many tutoring hours are approved.

We set up an initial consultation within 24 to 48 hours of the referral.

If the referring agency wants more than 25 hours of tutoring for the student, an i-ready evaluation in math and reading is completed for assessment purposes.

The tutor and student/ students’ family determine a schedule that works for all parties during the initial consultation.

What curriculum do tutors use?

Our tutors use i-Ready pre- and post-assessments for reading and math as well as outline short- and long-term goals in ILPs (individual learning plans).

Tutors chart progress and send monthly reports to parents, caregivers and other constituents.

Can I select my child's tutor?

ETS has placed over 100,000 students with tutors. We have the history and knowledge to understand which tutors have the skill sets and experience to work effectively with each students’ unique needs.

Specific tutor requests are assessed on a case by case basis.

Does ETS offer virtual tutoring?

Yes! Our tutors use Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo and Skype to facilitate sessions over video calls. Students will need access to a computer, phone, tablet or smart TV in order to conduct virtual tutoring.

What geographical locations does ETS service?

ETS has such a wide network of tutors. We are able to offer remote (video) or in-person sessions to any student located in the United States, including rural areas.

Where does tutoring take place?

ETS tutors offer in-person and virtual tutoring sessions. In-person sessions take place at the child’s home, school, library or after school program.

Our approach makes meeting the educational needs of children as easy as possible for parents and caregivers. ETS tutors make the commute to meet their students so the parents don’t have to.

Do I need to be there during my child's session?

Whether a parent or caregiver needs to be present during tutoring depends on the child.

Children who have significant behavioral disorders need to have caregiver interaction during sessions.

How do I sign up?

If you are a referring agency, corporation or employer please fill out our form to be contacted by ETS.

If you are an individual looking for tutoring services or a parent or guardian in search of tutoring for your student a block of hours can be purchased through our website. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

We look forward to partnering with you!


Does ETS offer a Credit Recovery Program?

ETS offers a credit recovery program so that students of all grade levels can earn credits for failed or incomplete courses. We place a certified teacher with the student, one-on-one either virtually or in-person to complete the course work given to us by the school. Using the school’s curriculum, students are tutored within the program until they excel to the subsequent grade or graduate. We promote credit recovery for any student that has a failing grade.


When can my child get started?

Students can be assigned to a tutor and start within 24 hours!