Tailored support for special needs and at-risk students

We understand that every student learns differently, especially those with special needs and severe learning deficiencies. We provide tailored accommodations, including individualized education plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, and support for students with learning and behavioral concerns. Our approach goes beyond standardized instruction, offering personalized tutoring, extended time for tests, team tutoring with specialists, and other customized strategies to enhance learning outcomes for all students.



No two students learn the same way. This statement is true even more so for children with special needs and severe learning deficiencies. They cannot be expected to learn solely through standardized instruction, and oftentimes need custom plans, yet 60% of special education students spend about 80% of their time in general education classes. As a result, federally mandated IEP goals are often not being met and students suffer.

With a foundation rooted in addressing the academic needs of the most vulnerable, Educational Tutorial Services (ETS) boasts extensive experience serving children with disabilities, often collaborating with special education teachers. Our tutors are adept in handling a wide range of medical and learning disabilities, from cognitive impairments to developmental delays, and are trained to address behavioral challenges with the support of emotional specialists. Additionally, we offer tailored programs catering to ESL, hearing impairments, and autism, ensuring inclusivity and effectiveness in our educational approach.


of special education students spend ~80% of their time in general education classes

Why choose ETS for learning deficiency tutoring?


In our 28 year history, we’ve serve thousands of students with disabilities who have special education teachers.


Our tutors are experienced in medical and learning disabilities that include–but aren’t limited to–cognitive impairment, processing deficits and developmental delays.


We cater to behavioral needs, addressing them with emotional specialist-trained tutors.


We have developed customized learning programs for ESL (English as a Second Language), deafness and autism.