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The potential for corporate America to do good while doing well has never been greater.

E.T.S. is ready to help your organization broaden its reach and realize its potential. We work with companies of various sizes, including Fortune 500, to develop Scholarship programs for youth in foster care — giving back to society by enhancing human potential.

Similar to Insurance providers, E.T.S. has just begun its corporate benefits program to great success. If your company is looking to provide a meaningful member benefits program that will have a lasting positive impact on your employees and their families, look no further than tutoring services from E.T.S.

Here is a video from a program we are involved with – and see the amazing impact it has had. Imagine that same impact on the lives of your employees and their families.

Creating Partnerships: An Anthem Video
We partnered with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide services specifically targeting those members who had foster children in their care. This study proves the effectiveness of preventative measures that will reduce the overall cost of member benefits by providing services that help improve the quality of life of the member and their families.

Click here to see how education has been proven in study after study to reduce long-term health care costs. Which is why more companies are focusing benefits on preventative, rather than reactive benefit programs.

To learn more and find out how Educational Tutorial Services can help your benefits program shine, fill out this short form and we will be in touch.

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